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#ifndef __MAILSYNC_TYPES__

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include "c-client-header.h"
#include "msgid.h"

using namespace std;


enum operation_mode_t { mode_unknown, mode_sync, mode_list, mode_diff };

typedef struct MailboxProperties {
  bool no_inferiors;
  bool no_select;
  bool contains_messages;
  bool done;                            // mailbox has been treated (synced...)

  MailboxProperties(): no_inferiors(false),
                       done(false) {};

// we sort our mailboxes by length. That way longer mailboxes and their
// submailboxes (!!) will be traversed first
struct longer
  bool operator()(const string& s1, const string& s2) const
    if (s1.length() == s2.length())
      return s1 < s2; // if same length return arbitrary order
                      // - in this case alphabetical
      return s1.length() > s2.length();

typedef map<string, MailboxProperties, longer> MailboxMap;
typedef set<MsgId>  MsgIdSet;
typedef map<MsgId, unsigned long> MsgIdPositions;  // Map message ids to
                                                    // positions within a
                                                    // mailbox
typedef map<string, MsgIdSet> MsgIdsPerMailbox;     // A List of message ids
                                                    // per mailbox(-name)

class Passwd
// Structure that holds the password
    bool nopasswd;
    string text;

    void clear();
    void set_passwd(string passwd);

#define __MAILSYNC_TYPES__

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